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Sapphire Health Enterprises is an 

Expert Nutraceutical Consulting Agency

We specialise in Strategic Consulting, Brand Planning, IP Development, Drug Discovery, Product Development, Regulatory Affairs, Strategic Innovation Planning and Execution. 

With experience in Nutrition, phytochemistry and novel ingredients within the Complementary Healthcare Human and Equine industries, we work with industry leaders to assist you in developing clinical trial protocols, execution and independent reports through to publication for the human and animal health segments. We work closely with our scientific and regulatory associates around the world, ensuring that you have access to local expertise and market intelligence. 

We deliver strategic road-maps for the successful launch of your brands and products, both in Australia and globally. We author publications, whether it be technical through to marketing and enjoy supporting creative and innovative projects though our collaborative, community focused approach to business, health and lifestyle.

Our collaborative team can manage all aspects of your project from concept through to launch.

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